Cradle Method

dancerIn order to dance, one must first awaken the body.

Working naturally reduces the potential for injury or deterioration from overwork to a dancer’s body.

While traditional methods depend on learning at an unconscious level through rote repetition, the Cradle Method employs conscious learning through systematic study that allows the serious student to learn more quickly and effectively.

  • Reveal untapped potential and remove mental blocks that can keep the serious dancer from progressing.
  • Revolutionary methods heal dancers and get them back to dancing.
  • Through the Cradle Method, John has returned hundreds of dancers back to the dance floor, even if doctors and therapists have told them they would never dance again.
  • Available for master classes, private and semi-private lessons, and personal coaching.

Through the use of self-imagery and awareness combined with classical vocabulary and innovative technique, students are guided into their own bodies, so they become acutely aware of their skeletal alignment and bone structure. This skeletal awareness allows the muscles of the body to work in harmony, thus reducing the stress imposed on the body as one dances.

Stress on the body creates muscle tension distorting line, and creating jerky or forced movement instead of the supple, fluid motion created in the natural flow of the dance.

Emphasis on skeletal awareness allows a dancer to work within the limitations of his or her own body to enhance natural line and correct body alignment.  That natural movement set within ballet vocabulary creates beautiful projection to any observer.

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