cropped-pic1-6.gif“John’s method of teaching is unlike any I have experienced in formal modern or ballet training.  He works with the principle of “inherent movement” and “intrinsic consciousness of movement,” offering the student the opportunity to discover for him or herself the principles as they become manifest at the personal level.  John’s classes are exceedingly demanding of one’s commitment to the fine art of classical dance, requiring utter devotion and total participation in the task at hand.  This is the beauty and power of his special brand of teaching dance which resonates, not only at the level of sparking the individual recognition of innate kinesic wisdom of classical form, but even more so at the level of urging the discovery of the perfection of consciousness entrusted to human kind in the broadest and deepest sense.”

M.A. Greenstein, PhD Art/Dance

“John’s method of dance would superficially appear to be a radical departure from the accepted norms of traditional ballet.  I prefer to consider his concepts revolutionary.”

Michelle C. White, Assistant Professor, University of Montana

“I was on the verge of quitting and my body was suffering from injuries due to poor training and lack of attention. As he took me under his wing, not only did all my pain go away, but I began to discover who I was beneath all the superficial technique I had received. The discipline, mental involvement,and physical demands that a dancer endures don’t have to be burdensome and painful. I wouldn’t be dancing today had I not found John.”

Lara L. , B.F.A. in Dance from University of California, Irvine

“Each body is unique and has particular strengths and weaknesses. Ballet teaching is often mired in traditions that are outdated at best, and unsafe in the extreme. Years of this style of dancing often result in physical injuries and emotional wounds. John has created an approach to ballet dancing that can actually correct and heal these broken dancers.

Christine, dance mom

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