John’s choreography transforms the classical form into a natural and organic art: rustic, yet refined.

Through a daring use of space, freedom of expression, and artistic virtuosity, he advances the natural progression of classical ballet into a new and exciting movement language.

Through fluid, expressive, and bold movement, John creates a landscape that entices the observer to consider their own potential.

The choreography is designed to bring the dance closer to the observer, offering an intimate connection that allows the audience to live vicariously through those on stage. The focus is to impart a sense of liberation for each person, not to make a political point or depict a storybook tale.

The aim is not to be revolutionary, but evolutionary, continually promoting the natural sense of spontaneity.

John is available to set his choreography on your company, or to create new pieces for your company or school.  Call (714) 273-9795 for more information or email

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