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About John Welch

I am the Artistic Director of the JohnC Art Ballet and the creator of the Cradle Method, an innovative approach to the art of classical ballet. I have extensive experience working with injured dancers. I have returned hundreds of dancers back to the dance floor, even if doctors and therapists have told them they would never dance again. I am a master teacher and ballet choreographer and am available for private lessons, choreography, and master classes. For my full bio and to find out more about my company, school, and not-for-profit foundation, visit

Forum on Dance

A primary purpose of my blog is to serve as a sounding board for all those interested in a more in-depth exploration of the inner workings of dance. Are you having problems with your dance? Frequent injuries? Experiencing difficulties advancing? Discovered a trouble spot that won’t seem to go away?

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I have over 20 years experience working as a master teacher and my specialities are helping injured dancers recover; teaching those who struggle with traditional methods; and inspiring dancers who have been dissuaded from pursuing dance as a career.

A brief summary of my history: after starting at the age of 22, and with only 3 years of intense training, I was accepted, without even auditioning, to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, one of the most well respected companies in the world. Now I want to share the secrets that made me progress so quickly.

Visit my company’s website, for more information and to view my current work.  Be sure to leave your questions in the comments!